NRM’s leaning candidate in Dokolo By-election Dr Lalam Grace Hanna demands political parties to stop funding candidates


Political parties should cease supporting their candidates financially, according to Dr. Lalam Grace Hanna Atine, since some voters turn out to vote knowing that their political party would support them when it comes election season.

In addition, she requested that parties cease rewarding participants and resigned, stating that some individuals simply enter competitions with the knowledge that they will receive payment in the end.

” This thing of the parties sponsoring contestants is causing financial losses to different party treasures, Let the candidate use his or her Money for campaign and rallies to prove to the people that he or she is capable”Dr Lalam Grace Hanna Atine stated.

Dr. Lalam Grace Hanna Atine was addressing media yesterday Tuesday at Gracious palace Hotel in Lira city.

Independent candidate Dr. Lalam Grace Hanna Atine outlined her top goals for the next two years, should she win the election.

As an Independent Candidate with a leaning toward the NRM, Dr. Lalam Grace Hanna Atine’s primary goal is to first enhance the NRM party structures in the Dokolo district by constructing party offices.

The office will function as the district’s administrative unit, according to Dr. Lalam, who is prepared to provide a plot of land with a land title for the construction of an NRM party office in the Dokolo district.

If elected, she said, her key objectives for the next two years would be the government’s poverty alleviation programs, such as PDM, YLP, and others, should be encouraged to be joined by people through improved health care, expanded access to clean and safe water, and improved road networks.

Dr. Lalam Grace Hanna Atine also requests that the government set aside money to increase art professors’ wages in Uganda.

Lalam promised to see to it that the district hospital in Dokolo district was built.

“As everyone knows, Dokolo district has no district hospital am going to make sure government build for us hospital and Government therefore needs to take keen interest in ensuring that it’s fully equipped, “Dr Lalam added.

The candidate argued that the state of the health system is deficient, citing everything from prescription shortages to physician absences.

She suggested that the government think about funding community health teams to treat minor ailments in villages rather than causing traffic jams at large medical facilities.

“We have a terrible situation in our health sector; there are no medicines, not enough staff members, and even those who are don’t want to work.” It has an impact on our people. If elected, I would now advocate in parliament for the payment of local health teams.

Because prevention is always preferable to treatment, the VHTs can effectively handle the majority of minor illnesses. As a result, fewer individuals will need to attend large hospitals.

While the government takes pride in having worked on the majority of the nation’s roads, Lalam added that only the country’s major highways are paved, and district feeder roads are in disrepair.

She asked lawmakers to advocate for increased funding for both water and roads, pointing out that several villages still share water with animals.

The majority of district roads are in poor condition, however major highways are tarmacked.

They get wet after rain, and dust prevents people from wearing white shirts in the sun. Many of these roads require maintenance, such as the Dokolo Highway that leads to Ochero.

The government must start thinking about feeder routes, even if I know the district receives about Shs 1 billion.