Ojok Oulanyah refutes allegation that his eyes are blind


The Omoro county Member of Parliament Andrew Ojok Oulanyah has refuted the allegation that his eyes are blind and can no longer see due to some bad hearted people’s action of witchcraft against him.

On Monday, July 3, 2023, at the Samuel Engola Okello rally in Ngai Sub-county’s Ngai Trading Center cell, Ojok Oulanyah was addressing the crowd of thousands of supporters.

He claimed that some followers of the opposition party began to produce propaganda that he can no longer see in an effort to divert public attention from the possibility that he would once more be assassinated.

Oulanyah said that Samuel Engola should receive support from Omoro residents in the same way that they backed him at his father’s funeral and in the election that followed.

Engola, according to Oulanyah, will be simple to work with when the two adjoining counties are built.

Since Santa Alum, the only female MP in Oyam District, and Betty Amongi Akena, who represents Oyam South, are the only female representatives in that district, Judith Alyek, the chairperson of the Lango parliamentary group, urged voters to elect Samuel Engola to achieve gender parity.

The NRM party’s presidential candidate, Samuel Junior Engola, stated that his main goal is to repay the debt owed to the people of Oyam by his late father, which includes providing clean water, expanding the town’s road system, and increasing access to power.

Counsel Chrispus Ayena Odongo, who just switched from the UPC to the NRM party, claimed that it was painful for him to compete against Engola, who is currently mourning for his deceased father.

He acknowledged that he switched to the party because he saw that it offered nothing to the populace other than wearing uniforms that were useless to the nation’s small-town residents.

Ayena claimed that when he attempted to focus heavily on the party, he discovered that they couldn’t be renovated, which led him to join NRM because he had done nothing wrong at the party.

Tomorrow Tuesday, President Museveni will be in Oyam to encourage support for NRM party candidate Junior Samuel Engola.

Before traveling to Otwal, he would first pay a visit to the late minister’s residence.