Opposition strong figures cross to NRM as President Museveni campaigns for Party Flag Bearer for Oyam North

President Yoweri Museveni handing over the NRM flag to NRM Flag Bearer of Oyam North constituency Engola Okello Samuel the son of the late of Rtd. Col. Charles Ongola Macodwogo at Otwal Primary School Otwal Sub-County, Oyam District on 4th July 2023. Photo by PPU/Tony Rujuta.

NRM Chairman President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has welcomed Counsel Cryspus Ayena Odongo, a former Mp for Oyam North, together with the other five councilors for the Oyam District, and 894 new members to the NRM.

Speaking on Tuesday, July 5, 2023 at Tegony in Iceme, Ayena acknowledged that he was Museveni’s prodigal son and had returned to the party after spending the previous few years suffering greatly with the UPC party.

Ayena declared that he is unquestionably willing to work with President Museveni in any capacity that may be presented to him.

In addition to Tonny Ocen Okello, a journalist who works for hot fm Amolatar, Museveni also welcomed Iceme’s LCV councilor to the Oyam district council as well as the other four councilors. Rashid Opio likewise changed from NRM to UPC.

Richard Todwong, the secretary general of the NRM, indicated that some of these individuals couldn’t cross officially because they still occupy positions that they enter through a separate political organization.

He claimed that this was due to the encouraging sermons they had delivered to these people while they were in Oyam.

“Your Excellency, throughout the time that we have been in Oyam, we have preached about the party, and these are the people who have understood and who have crossed they are very ready to work with NRM, although some of them cannot come officially because they still hold offices that they enter through other political parties,” said Todwong.

According to President Museveni, God has given him these times to rally everyone behind the NRM.

According to him, he has previously belonged to other parties such as the Democratic Party, UPC, and UNC.

However, after understanding the value of the knowledge he had gained from traveling to places like Tanzania, he decided to unite the party.

He claimed that the group uses remedies like peace, for which Engola was one of the countries that battled. No one can succeed without a leader, according to leaders.