Otuke East MP Donates 2.5M hand hoes to his electorates


The Otuke East MP, Julius Acon Bua, has given the people in his constituency 2,500,000 hoes in total.

In an attempt to combat family poverty and guarantee food security, Acon claims he is pushing voters to get involved in agriculture.

In order to help their communities, he urged locals to concentrate on better agricultural methods.

He also urged the people of Otuke and Lango to adopt environmentally friendly farming methods in order to lessen the consequences of environmental deterioration.

Acon praised the NRM government for bringing about the current state of peace and stability in the area, noting that peace always follows progress in the past when there was an insurgency and rebel groups in the Lango region.

Additionally, he urged the people of Lango and the surrounding area to support NRM Party candidates in the 2026 election in order to bring about more development, noting that the NRM administration led by H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had succeeded in pulling its people out of poverty and bringing about greater development in Uganda.

With this contribution, he made good on his promise to the community that every Otuke East home would get a hoe.

Acon’s achievement was praised by some Otuke East constituency residents who spoke with the Kigezi Post reporter.

They also asked other MPs, particularly those from Lango, to adopt Acon’s lifestyle and to constantly sacrifice their money for their constituents, just as Acon does.

Compared to all other prior elected MPs, Lucy Ajok, a resident of Ongwara Village, Omwonylee Parish, Ogor Sub County, stated that Acon is the sole MP in Otuke defending the interests of his constituents in Otuke East.

Mariana Akello, an Ogor village resident and member of Omwonylee parish, praised Hon. Julius Acon Bua for giving hoes and seeds to his people in Otuke East, adding that Acon gave simsim seed to the people last year and produced a good harvest.

Bosco Okullu, the LC 3 chairperson for Orum Sub County and Acon’s political aide, stated that their goal is to end poverty in Otuke and transform people’s lives so they may have fulfilling lives.

He mobilizes Otuke residents to vote for Acon in order to experience more progress and a pleasant existence.