OYAM NORTH BY-ELECTION: Aspiring MP Moto wants delegate elections done at Sub County level


Former Ambassador to Pretoria and London Julius Peter Moto has proposed that the delegate election of NRM flag bearer in the Oyam North County be done at the Sub County level.

Moto was speaking on Wednesday Afternoon During a consultation meeting with NRM party leaders at Oyam Town council Oyam District.

Moto said to reduce the cost and vote rigging, elections must be done at different Sub County levels where the agents can monitor and acknowledge the results before sending them to the District for counting.

“Am telling the leaders at grass level that please don’t accept voting from the district we have our Sub County registrar what will be their work they are just dormant without work. We should keep these people active” said Moto.

He urged that NRM district Party leaders should be very vigilant when carrying out the election to prevent people from coming back as an independent candidate.

He added that he will be very ready to rally support for the candidate that will be elected provided there are no election malpractices like rigging.

“Even if I failed this primary election I will support the NRM candidate only if no vote rigging took place but if it happen and I happen to understand then I will just go back as an independent so you party leaders should be vigilant when conducting the election” Moto added

Mr. Stephen Okello the Oyam town council mayor asked Moto to prioritize elevating Oyam town council to a municipal status if development has to come. Okello said that since Oyam got a district status nothing has been done in upgrading the town council.

“If you go there my grandfather I know you have the capacity to lobby for the development but what you need to do first is to make this town council a municipal status so that next time other people also get the opportunity to go to parliament” Okello said.

Jaspher Onena the NRM chairperson for Oyam asked the delegate to elect competent leaders who can beat the candidates that opposition parties will send and also take over from where Macodwogo left.

He added that the secretariat has not chosen any person so they must be ready and listen to this candidate’s manifesto carefully for them to choose the rightful person.

NRM party has set June as the date for the election of NRM party flag bearer in the Oyam North County By-election slated for July 6th 2023 with ten candidates showing interest to hold the NRM party flag.