Paramount Chief for Kumam his highness Raphael Otaya asks government to construct Kumam Royal palace to boost development


His Highness Raphael Otaya, the head of Kumam, has urged the government to increase funding for the advancement of Kumam culture, which is trailing behind.

According to Otaya, Kumam has a significant development gap in a number of categories, including access to clean water, education, and health.

In order to help local companies, he also requested that the government build a royal castle for Kumam.

However, he thanked the government for putting in place poverty alleviation projects like Parish Development Model, UWEP, Youth Livelihood Program, Special Disability Grant, Emyooga among others to improve the lives of Ugandans.

Otaya urged the people in his neighborhood to participate in government initiatives designed to help people escape the hand-to-mouth economy.

He urged PDM grantees to make prudent use of their funds by encouraging kids to attend school.

Otaya urged Kumam and other tribes to live in cooperation, love, and peace.

He claims that it is extremely difficult for individuals to gain from government initiatives if they do not grow to love and respect their cultural leaders.

Otaya went on to say that Kumam’s cultural leaders are prepared to work with the government to further develop the city, and they are pleading with supporters and development partners to support and give priority to the advancement of Kumam culture.

His Highness Raphael Otaya counseled young people to give up on idleness and become involved in useful pursuits like farming, raising cattle, and manufacturing bricks.