President Museveni donates 30m towards consecration of new Bishop Omara


His Excellency the president of the republic of Uganda Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has donated 30 million shillings toward the consecration of the new bishop of the national fellowship of born again churches Bishop Joseph Omara.

In his message conveyed by Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng the minister for health, the president said that he is committed to supporting the Pentecostal churches in different ways.

Aceng said by supporting government programs development the church will develop and the Christians will too develop. She adds that as the leaders they offer all it takes to make sure that churches are involved in all the government projects.

Museveni tasked the minister to make a follow up on the pledge of a vehicle to help the Bishop in his daily routine of spreading the gospel words.

Judith Alyek, the woman Member of Parliament for Kole and also the chairperson Lango parliamentary group said it is a miracle for Lira mayor’s garden to host such a great function two times now.

She added that the parliamentary group is dedicated towards supporting the churches and the work of God. He tasked the church leaders to preach more on government projects like Emyooga.

The newly sworn in Bishop Joseph Omara said his focus will be on lobbying for projects to help the Christians and their leaders in the next three years.

While delivering the word of God to the gathering, Apostle Alex Matana said that Christians should embrace on hard work so that their families can have what to offer in the building of the kingdom of God

Matana added that the lord will never be happy with the lazy people who only sit and wait without struggle.

Lawrence Egole, the Lira resident city commissioner said the country is a God fearing nation that every department, even the army, has.

Egole added that the strength of the church leaders lies in the hands of the people they are leading, asking the Christians to support in all ways the leaders.

Joe Otim the clan head of Owumolao asked the new Bishop to work harder to unite the people of God without segregation since they will all be working towards reaching the kingdom of God.

Jimmy Kraft Olot, a journalist who took the minister for information, asked the media to emphasize on preaching words that bring peace. He calls on the youth and children to join the work of God since the kingdom of God belongs to the young people.

Bishop Joseph Omara was elected as the new Bishop of the national fellowship of born again churches replacing Bishop Tom Ibrahim Okello of all national churches who served the office for the last five years.