RUKUNGIRI! Access to clean water a challenge to Rujumbura residents, NHDA intervenes


Nile Humanitarian Development Agency, a non-governmental Organization has handed over 5 hand pump boreholes worth Ugx. 100M to communities in Rujumbura Constituency Rukungiri district.

The Rukungiri district leadership officially received the boreholes and gave them to the people so that they could begin using them.

The communities of Kagorogoro, Kibobo, and Katooma in Nyakagyeme Sub County, Kicwamba in Ruhinda Sub County, and Kabingo in Buhunga Sub County Rukungiri district all have these hand pump boreholes installed.

The chairman of the Nile Humanitarian Development Agency, Mr. Isah Kiraara, stated that the project was a component of the humanitarian service during the borehole’s commissioning ceremony yesterday Thursday.

Kiraara claims that given the population, the Project was designed to lessen the suffering of the community caused by a poor supply of clean water for home use.

He encouraged the community to make sure that the project is maintained consistently to preserve its longevity, expressing hope that even the next generation will benefit from the borehole.


While handing over boreholes to communities, the Rukungiri district chairperson LC5, Mr. Geoffrey Kyomukama cautioned them to watch them diligently to ensure that they fulfil their intended purpose.

According to Kyomukama, “With the completion and handing over of the project to the community, the Nile Humanitarian Development Agency is now out of here, it is left for you to ensure that it is well taken care of.”

Kyomukama expressed gratitude to the government for enabling NGOs to offer services to all of the nation’s communities.


Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen said that access to clean water is not just a basic human right but also a fundamental necessity for the growth and prosperity of any community.  

By providing this vital resource, RDC Bewayo said the Nile Humanitarian Development Agency has taken a commendable step towards empowering the people of Rukungiri and enabling them to lead healthier and more productive lives.

In addition to using the water for home purposes, he pushed the beneficiaries to carry out farming with it in order to increase their household income.

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During the handover ceremony, Gordson Mubangyizi the chairperson Lc3 Nyakagyeme Sub County disclosed that Nyakagyeme has long faced challenges related to water scarcity, adding that many communities have had to rely on unclean water sources leading to health issues and affecting overall community well-being.

Mubangyizi went on to say that only three of the 73 villages in the steep Nyakagyeme Sub County had benefited from the initiative, indicating that water scarcity is still a major problem there and that the government should step in as well.

Rujumbura Constituency in Rukungiri district faces the challenge of a growing number of people who have limited or no access to safe drinking water, which calls for concerted efforts from different stakeholders to address.