RUKUNGIRI! Bikurungu town council on fire as Mayor Kajuna clashes with local leaders over new town clerk


NEWS-Local leaders in the Bikurungu town council are furious with the mayor, Mr. Wallen Kajuna, for rejecting the recently appointed town clerk.

Nayebare Wilber was deployed to Bikurungu town council by the Rukungiri district Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Hajji Masokoyi Wasswa to replace Mr. Najunah Charles who was also transferred to Rwerere town council also in Rukungiri district.

The mayor of Bikurungu town council, Mr. Kajuna, writes in a letter dated September 1st, 2023, to the Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Rukungiri district, that Nayebare was supposed to be transferred to the same location in April 2022, but the community rejected him and the transfer was stopped.

Kajuna stated that he is rejecting the newly appointed town clerk (Nayebare) because he mismanaged the Ugx. 100M starting funding that the Bikurungu town council received while he served as acting town clerk.

He continued by saying that Nayebare leased out 49 lock up places over the same time period, and there was no tangible responsibility for the money he made.

Town clerk Nayebare engaged in local politics during that period, which is against Uganda public service standing orders, according to information provided by Mayor Kajuna in a letter to RDC Rukungiri.

However, he asked the Rukungiri RDC to transfer town clerk Nayebare elsewhere for the aforementioned reasons given his tarnished reputation in the Bikurungu town council.


While this was going on, Bikurungu town council local leaders, including chairperson LC1s and LC2s, wrote to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Rukungiri district thanking him for appointing Nayebare Wilber as the new town clerk, whom they had previously worked with.

This was after they had learned that Mayor Wallen Kajuna had secretly written to the district officials rejecting the newly appointed town clerk.

Local leaders from the Bikurungu Town Council stated in a letter dated the same day, September 4, 2023, that they required a patriotic, responsible, and open leader who was prepared to collaborate with them.

They also promised to cooperate with the new town clerk for the benefit of their town council, telling CAO in the same letter that his contributions to the reorganization were vital to their team.

Lc1 Nyironzi iii chairperson in Central ward Bikurungu town council, Tibemanya Deus Kagurutsi, showed their willingness to collaborate with the designated town clerk to advance their community in a phone discussion with our reporter.

Kagurutsi continued by saying that Mayor Kajuna was manipulating the old town clerk to do a disservice to the community by rejecting the new town clerk due to personal matters rather than concerns for the general populace.

Cue in……..KAGURUTSI………….

When questioned about those leaders who have welcomed the new town clerk to come and serve them, Mayor Kajuna explained that such are local politics, where most leaders arrange them to fight against him as mayor


It should be recalled that the mayor of the Bikurungu town council, Mr. Wallen Kajuna, has been accused by locals of conspiring with town council technocrats and allegedly leasing town council land that is close to their offices.

The residents through Bikurungu town council speaker Esau Aharimpisya wrote a letter on 05th December 2022 to the area Member of Parliament Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi requesting him to halt the lease of the said land stressing that this will reduce the value of other lock-ups within the town council.

They also disclosed that according to the physical plan, the mentioned land is where the new market will be constructed since the current one will be renovated and turns into Tax Park.

They added that the land is used by people as a social place and it is where most big functions are hosted from.

In a letter signed by over 100 residents and traders of Bikurungu, they also revealed that they are aware that the government stopped their officials from selling or leasing government lands but wonder why it is going to be done in Bikurungu town council.

Since then, those who spent more than Ugx. 40M for the lock ups have either never received them or have had their money returned in the hopes that Mayor Kajuna and technocrats used it all.

Here are signatories of LC chairpersons in a letter to CAO Rukungiri.