Rukungiri district authorities hail Kinombe Nyaruzinga Constructions Company for quality work, rewarded another contract at Rwamagaya P/S


The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Rukungiri district Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen has launched construction of classroom block valued at Ugx. 145 million at Rwamagaya Primary School, in Ruhinda Sub County Rukungiri district.

Groundbreaking for the construction of a three-classroom block at Rwamagaya Primary School was conducted under the direction of RDC Nsubuga.

Among the leaders in attendance were Mrs. Nahwera Santrinah, Vice Chairperson of LC5 Rukungiri district, Deputy CAO Mr. Agaba Hilary, Mrs. Musimenta Cledonia Bakironda, Secretary for education, Rukungiri district civil engineer, and leaders from Ruhinda sub County.

Addressing beneficiaries during the launch of the construction, the RDC Nsubuga condemned government teachers who have failed to add value to the educational development and observe all extant rules and regulations in the country.

According to Nsubuga, the majority of government teachers don’t strive for greater academic achievement since they are aware that they are paid to do so, despite pressure to alter their mindset in order to produce a better and more educated future generation.

He expressed gratitude to Kinombe Nyaruzinga Construction Company Limited for their excellent work, particularly on projects submitted both inside and outside the Rukungiri district, and asked them to repeat the effort at Rwamagaya Primary School in order to consistently receive government contracts.

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With an enrollment of 160 pupils at Rwamagaya Primary School, RDC Nsubuga explained that the enrollment is very low yet government injects in a lot of money with over Ugx. 170 million every year for teachers.

However, RDC Bewayo advised the administration of the school to step up efforts to promote enrollment and encouraged locals to take their pupils to school as it will now have enough infrastructure.

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Since the government has given this school new infrastructure, Nahwera Santrinah, the vice chairperson LC5 Rukungiri district, appealed for higher academic performance during the construction launch.

In order to prevent difficulties, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Rukungiri issued a warning to contractor that he will not permit tax payer money to be wasted.

The transition grant, which will be used to build three classrooms at Rwamagaya Primary School, was released by the Ugandan government.

Mrs. Musimenta Cledonia Bakironda, the Secretary for Social Services, Tourism, and Education, thanked the government for this action and urged parents to take advantage of the opportunity by sending their children to school.

The building of three classrooms, the provision of fifty-four sitting desks, and leveling of the school premises are all part of the scope of work, according to Rukungiri district civil engineer Karuhanga Nicholous. The work will be completed in six months by Kinombe Nyaruzinga Constructions Company Limited.

The director of Kinombe Nyaruzinga Constructions Company Limited, Mr. Nshabire Godfrey, pledged to deliver high-quality work by the time the first term of the next year opens.

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