RUKUNGIRI: Kinyasano Girls High School celebrates 40 years of existence, Millions raised to support girl child education


It was passion and determination as hundreds of people led by Old students of Kinyasano Girls High School turned up to raise cash for the girl child education during 40th anniversary of the school’s existence.

The function which took place yesterday in Western Division Rukungiri Municipality at school premises saw the mobilization of resources by Old  students to cover the cost of fees for more than 100 students who excelled academically but their families were unable to pay for them.

Mr. Denis Mishambi presided over the event and he was represented by Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa, a member of parliament for Rukungiri Municipality.

During the event, Mishambi challenged teachers to be dedicated and raise the academic standards of Ugandan students.

Mishambi revealed that students, particularly those under sponsorship, enrolled in school when they had first grades asking teachers to dedicate themselves in helping those students continue performing well as this would help the school both academically and in terms of enrollment.

He continued by urging students to read widely since they would benefit in the long run since it is a competitive environment in which we live.

The woman Member of Parliament for the Rukungiri district, Hon. Midius Natukunda Kaharata, stated in her speech that female education increases the ability for the country’s development.

Natukunda emphasized that mothers are the nation’s future and that educating a girl child will boost economies and lessen inequalities.

The Hon. Natukunda went on to say that in order to prevent child marriages and early pregnancies in communities, parents should improve their nurturing abilities.

Given their promising future, Natukunda urged Kinyasano Girls School students to prioritize their studies in addition to paying attention to their parents and teachers.

Cue in……..HON MIDIUS………….

Ruth Kwesiga Asiimwe the chairperson for Girl Child Education Fund for Kinyasano Girls Secondary School which was established and managed by the Old Girls of the school in 2017 narrated that they are helping 110 students in senior one and their target is to raise Ugx. 360M to support youngsters until they finish O’level.

Asiimwe called on people to educate all children, not just girls, because doing so will help the country evolve and prosper in the future.

Cue in…..ASIIMWE………..

The head teacher of Kinyasano Girls High School, Mrs. Kiyasimire Allen, commended old students for their hard work in redesigning the school, which is moving forward gradually.

Kiyasimire requested that the government provide them with enough teachers in order to support the efforts of old girls in improving their school, as opposed to relying mostly on private teachers, which is more costly.