RUKUNGIRI: Minister Jim Muhwezi concludes launch of Mega football tournament in Rujumbura dubbed JIM CUP 2023


The mega football tournament that will see 37 teams participate in all Sub Counties in Rujumbura County has officially been launched in the constituency of Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi, Minister of Security and Member of Parliament for Rujumbura County.

This year’s “JIM CUP 2023” competition will take place at the parish level within Sub Counties from December 15 to about December 22. Following that, there will be inter-Sub Counties tournaments.

Ahimbisibwe Dan Bahamire, the chief coordinator of “JIM CUP 2023,” who was who was supported by Mr. Edwin Kutesa Kaziriri from the office of Minister Muhwezi, spoke during the tournament’s launch in the town councils of Bikurungu and Rwerere, respectively, and sub counties of Bwambara, Nyakagyeme, and Bugangari.

He said the tournament will help to discover untapped talents and also make youths productive during this extended holiday season.

According to Ahimbisibwe, another goal of the competition is to enable young people to make money off of their abilities.

“Minister Jim Muhwezi is committed to youth empowerment through sports, which not only brings the youth together but also helps them realize their full potential. In today’s world, football is big business and there is money in the game,” Ahimbisibwe said.

According to Ahimbisibwe, there will be 39 football teams from all of the Rujumbura’s parishes participating in the competition.

In addition to receiving financial awards for winning in the finals, the teams received jerseys and two footballs for each parish.

“As we begin this tournament, I wish every team the best of luck as they put their best foot forward. I appeal to you to engage in fair competition and most importantly remember: the tournament is not just about winning trophy but also about challenging oneself, pushing hard through the pain and coming out stronger at the other end,” Ahimbisibwe stressed.

“During this tournament, you should be scouting for the best players who will eventually form a Sub County team that will be representing you in Inter-Sub Counties competitions”. Ahimbisibwe tells team captains and coaches during the launch.

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According to Mubangyizi Godson, the chairperson LC3 Nyakagyeme Sub County, football has developed into a wonderful job that benefits young people in many ways.

Mubangyizi continued, saying that this football competition in particular will support young people in realizing their full potential and moving forward in life.

He praised Minister Jim Muhwezi for his love and support of young people in an effort to highlight their abilities, including the installation of a screen in their Sub County so that youth could watch football and hone their skills.


Mr. Wallen Kajuna, the mayor of the Bikurungu town council, informed the young people that their lawmaker wants them to work hard, stay together, and advance personally in their local areas.

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A young man from Bwambara named Mugabe Hannington and Atuheire Alexevia, the captain of the Bugangari Sub County team that will compete in the JIM CUP 2023, expressed their gratitude to Minister Jim Muhwezi for remembering them as young people in the Rujumbura Constituency and for helping them grow their talents and skills by providing screens so they could watch football, which prevented them from committing crimes in their free time.

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