RUKUNGIRI: Minister Jim Muhwezi launches constituency end of year tournament dubbed “JIM CUP 2023”


Yesterday marked the official launch of “Jim Cup 2023,” an end-of-year football tournament for youth in Rujumbura County, which is represented by Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi, the Security Minister.

The competition will begin at the parish level and they started the launch from Sub Counties of Buhunga and Ruhinda.

The six participating teams in Buhunga are divided into two groups, A and B, with teams from the Parishes of Buhunga, Kyaruyenje, and Bwanda in group A and teams from Kabingo, Kihanga, and Kibirizi in group B.

The football clubs that have been selected will compete on December 17, 2023, with the finals taking place on December 20, 2023, commencing at 9:00 a.m.

Six teams from six parishes in Ruhinda Sub County have also been selected to compete in the competition; they are divided into two groups, A and B.

Group B is made up of teams like Nyakitabire, Nyarwimuka, and Kicwamba, who will compete on December 19, 2023, while Rwamugoma, Ndere, and Burombe are the teams in group A that will play on December 18, 2023.

However, the schedule states that the semifinals and championship game will take place on December 22, 2023.

During the launch at their respective Sub County head offices, each of the 12 teams from parishes in Buhunga and Ruhinda Sub Counties received a free jersey and two balls. The winner will get a trophy and an unknown monetary price.

After the tournament’s successful launch, Ahimbisibwe Dan Bahamire, the chief coordinator of “JIM CUP 2023” and a representative of Hon. Jim Muhwezi, spoke with our reporter whereby he explained that the tournament’s main goal is to bring young people together for interaction, particularly during this long holiday and Christmas festival.

Ahimbisibwe who was supported by Mr. Kutesa Edwin Kaziriri from office of Minister Jim Muhwezi continued, saying that playing sports will keep young people occupied and away from harmful vices and it will also keep them healthy since playing sports maintains good health.

He encouraged the young people from these parishes to take part in the competition because it is beneficial to them personally and since everyone who do so would win.

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During the launch at the Buhunga Sub County headquarters, Mr. Benon Mugisha, well known as “AUNT,” said that football has evolved into a fantastic career that offers several advantages to young people.

Mugisha added that this event, in particular, will help youth to further develop their talents and advance in life.

Minister Jim Muhwezi was praised by Mugisha for the idea, which will deter young crime, particularly during the holidays.

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The Ruhinda Sub County chairperson, Mrs. Hellen Kabajungu, gave a presentation at the county headquarters on the JIM CUP 2023 event, which would provide locals with a chance to network, communicate, and share ideas as they close out the year.

According to Kabajungu, Minister Jim Muhwezi has given Ruhinda Sub County residents greater benefits in terms of service delivery, particularly with regard to the establishment of schools and churches, among other things.

She urged everyone to join the competition as it is open to everyone, irrespective of their political or religious beliefs.

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