Rukungiri Municipality residents pray for incumbent MP. Hon. Dr. Rutahigwa, beg him to contest come 2026


Residents of Rukungiri municipality have prayed for and pledged their support to Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa “Omuturagye,” the current representative in Parliament, as the only candidate to run in the general elections scheduled for 2026.

Residents prayed for Dr. Rutahigwa during the church service held last Sunday at Rwakabengo Catholic Church in the Southern division of Rukungiri municipality.

They asked him to at least run for office again in 2026 in order to continue the municipality’s development.

Other residents chanting songs honoring Hon. Rutahigwa congratulated him for his work as he handed over 50 bags of cement worth Ugx. 1.75 million to build classroom blocks at Rutoojo Model Primary School in Katwe Kamwe, Eastern division Rukungiri municipality.

Dr. Rutahigwa is the best Member of Parliament he has ever seen, according to Tumwesigye Gabriel, church leader who spoke to the community during the cement handover.

The ecstatic Tumwesigye claimed that the Rukungiri municipality is now well-organized and that voters are receiving exactly what their legislator had pledged by promising to back Dr. Rutahigwa in 2026.

Cue in…….TUMWESIGYE…….

In the general election of 2021, Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa was chosen to replace a ten-year member of parliament Hon. Mugume Rowland Kaginda in Rukungiri Municipality.

Hon. Rutahigwa has done a lot for his constituency since he was elected as the area representative in Parliament, including opening access roads such as Kakonkooma-Nshure road, Rwempitsi-Kasozi, and Nshure-Ndorero, among others.

The Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa supported schools, among other things by helping to roof Kitimba Primary School, Kahororo Primary School, the teacher house at Rukondo Primary School, Kakonkooma Primary School, Kiyaga Primary School, Nyakibale Lower Primary School, Kinyasano Boarding Primary School, and others.

Churches including the Kasozi Catholic Church, Nyakibale, Christ the King Church, Kahororo, Kyatooko, Rwanyakisozi, Kiyaga, Revival, and Community Church were among those funded by Dr. Rutahigwa.

Several trading centers in the Rukungiri Municipality, including Marumba, Kakonkoma, Katobo, Kakyeka, Omukarere-Ruruku, Omukyitibiko, Ahakashitaamo-Nyakyibale, Kagashe, Omukarere-Rwetondo, and Kanyanga, have solar street lights erected by Omuturagye.

Following these accomplishments in the little more than three years he has already spent in Parliament, people of Rukungiri pleaded with Hon. Rutahigwa to run in the general elections in 2026 so they could receive greater services.