Rukungiri police hold end of year party, DRDC Ongom warns them against meddling in partisan politics


The Rukungiri Deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC) Ahimbisibwe Wilberforce Ongom has advised police officers not actively get involved in partisan politics as the season comes closer.

DRDC Ongom made the statement over the weekend during the end of year party for Rukungiri police that was held at Rukungiri Inn, in Eastern division Rukungiri municipality.

Speaking to Police officers and other invited guests including the chief magistrate Rukungiri Her Worship Mary Edith, OC prisons Rukungiri, managers from Rukungiri based radio stations, among others; DRDC Ongom disclosed that since time for politics comes closer, police officers should stick to provide security to people of Rukungiri and keep out of the electioneering.

Ongom added by encouraging officers to observe professionalism in the implementation of their duties.

“Police officers are not supposed to be involved in protesting for poor service delivery. Your work is to secure people”, said Ongom.

“Adhere to professionalism while exercising your duties in accordance with the institutional code of conduct. Transparency and accountability is key for the decisions you take and is a must if you are to achieve results,” he added.

DRDC Ongom said election period is the time to prove what the officers have gained from the training and their value addition to the force as they serve and secure the people of Uganda.


During his lectures on mentality transformation, Ongom urged police personnels to adopt a saving culture, earn a side income, and participate in the money economy in order to succeed in life.

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Rukungiri District Police Commander (DPC) SSP. Musa Tibakirana urged his officers to refrain from extorting innocent civilians this year at the occasion.

Officers who consume excessive amounts of alcohol are forewarned by SSP Tibakirana that this damages the police profession’s reputation.


In addition to ensuring law and order in the district, DPC Tibakirana encouraged officers to support government initiatives, particularly the Parish Development Model (PDM), so that development may proceed.


Rukungiri Police Officer in Charge, ASP. Micheal Kisakye stated that the police are spreading out to support the community and encouraging everyone to always stand and serve the country.

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