RUKUNGIRI! Rev. Fr. Julius Turyatoranwa bans coins as offertories in municipality’s catholic churches


Rev. Fr. Julius Turyatoranwa, the parish priest of Christ the King Church Rukungiri, has denounced Christians, particularly those who present coins as an offering in God’s home.

During yesterday’s mass at the Rwakamondo Catholic Church in the Western Division Rukungiri municipality, Rev. Fr. Turyatoranwa denounced this.

Fr. Julius addressed the Christians during the service and expressed his surprise at seeing big men and women who had worked all week, giving coins to God, particularly between Ugx. 100 and 300, calling it a shame.

He said that for a person to offer a coin of Ugx. 100 in church disgraces God especially when Christians are spending huge amounts of money on celebrations, items like clothes and other property.

Rev. Fr. Julius, who appeared unhappy, remarked that he wonders what kind of virtues believers these are in such an economic situation, adding that it is impeding the advancement of the church and God’s entire kingdom.

But in order for them to receive God’s blessings, he urged all Christians to give a tithe rather than coins to Him.

Cue in………….REV FR JULIUS…………………

The development comes after a debate among the communities in Kisoro has been raging concerning the remarks made by Gatete Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Safari who discouraged Christians from offering coins in the house of the Lord.

According to Rev.Fr. Emmanuel Safari, a Christian who cannot raise at least 1000 Ugandan shillings should save his or her coins until they increase so as to give something meaningful in the House of God.