SHAME! Rukungiri’s Former State House worker neglected by government, asks President Museveni to come for rescue


After being ignored by state house authorities until he turned over the office’s tools, Mr. Karabareme Denis, the former state house driver, is living in a difficult existence.

Originating from Buyanja Sub County in Rukungiri district, Karabareme faced a difficult life after suffering a stroke while working as a state house driver.

He disclosed to our reporter, who discovered him stranded at home, that he began working for the state house in 2008 and continued until 2016.

He said that he was employed from 2008 until 2016, whereby he worked with State House Controller Richard Muhinda, moved to Details department and began working with Dr. Diana Atwine.

Working with Dr. Diana, who was then in charge of the medications and health monitoring unit, they traveled the entire country, during which time he had back pain, which eventually led to a stroke that had a negative impact on his life.

Karabareme’s life completely collapsed in 2014 and 2015 due to his complete inability to work (driving), and this continued until his contract terminated in 2016.

He was compelled to leave work early since he was unable to complete any work and, regrettably, he had not received any package to help him while he was at home.

Karabareme continued, saying that he is living a difficult life and that it is more difficult for him to subsist since he is not able to seek for a job at any institution because people look at him to be spy for President Museveni.

Cue in…..DENIS ONE…………….

Knowing that he had suffered a stroke and that medical personnel had prohibited him from operating a vehicle, Karabareme wrote to the President’s office, asking for an early retirement to help him, but his request was denied although Dr. Diana signed his letter.

Second, he received a letter for retirement training while at home. He attended the Nakasero State House for training, but the organizing officials failed to offer him the President Museveni symbol of thanks that was intended for all employees experiencing retirement.

Even worse, despite not being employed, Karabareme continues to get messages regarding his late payments for salary and other allowances. Additionally, he never receives a single penny from his account, indicating that state house officials are siphoning off his money.

Although he gave his everything for the country, Karabareme now begs President Museveni to at least provide him with assistance because his children are stranded at home and cannot attend school since he is very poor.

Cue in……..DENIS ON HELP……….

Now that he is suffering at home and is aware that some state house officials are really embezzling his money, Karabareme is calling on President Museveni to step in and save him.


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