Stop neglecting boy child, Bishop Onesimus rallies parents as he concludes pastoral visit in Bwambara Archdeaconry


NEWS-Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe of the North Kigezi Diocese has said that the empowerment of women shouldn’t come at the expense of males by being continuously disregarded.

According to Bishop Onesimus, the present trends show that efforts in several schemes to empower girls have led to a disregard of the mental development of boys.

The measures employed to foster girl child empowerment, he continued, must be carefully handled or society would face serious problems in the future.

 “The much-desired efforts to empower the girl child by channeling resources and opportunities to her well- being must be done with caution so as not to create a new form of imbalance for the boy child; to the detriment of the girl child,” Bishop Onesimus said.

The revelation was delivered by Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe on Sunday, August 20, 2023 as he was wrapping up his first pastoral visit to the Bwambara Archdeaconry in the Bwambara Sub County Rukungiri district.

Speaking to Christians at the Bwambara Church of Uganda, Bishop Onesimus urged the government, parents, and other stakeholders to prioritize promoting the education of boys together with girls if they want the nation to advance at the same rate.

 “If you only focus on educating the girl child while boys are left loitering and grazing cattle, your educated daughter will get married to a herder who won’t even allow her to work,” he said.


Bishop Onesimus confirmed more than 1,000 Christians during his pastoral tour to the Bwambara Archdeaconry.

He advised males to participate in church activities like choirs because doing so will bring them closer to God and prevent them from just leaving church to women.

Venerable Can Bazahuza George, the Archdeacon for the Bwambara Archdeaconry, related how the Bishop lectured on church growth and used coffee farming as an example while pledging to use the church’s 65 acres to bring development.


As the head of development for the Bwambara Archdeaconry, Frank Arinitwe Rukanurwa described, it was a blessing for the Bishop to pray for Christians and more people were saved and allowed Jesus into their lives, which will change their society and grow their church.

He reaffirmed that they will support the bishop’s call for growth, particularly in the area of coffee cultivation, and that as leaders they will go house to home encouraging Christians to produce coffee.