VIDEO: Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe warmly welcomed in Bwambara Archdeaconry, blesses Christians


For their first pastoral visit, the Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese, Rt. Rev. Onesimus, and Maama Florence Asiimwe arrived in Bwambara Archdeaconry today.

The clergy, lay readers, and people of God welcomed him enthusiastically upon his arrival, including the archdeacon of Bwambara, Ven. Rev. Bazahuza.

Beginning with the Rwenshama Parish, Bishop Onesimus will conduct a service and confirm new Christians there.

Bishop Onesimus praised those passing through the Bwambara Trading Center for the warm greeting, and he prayed for them.

Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe has already completed two archdeaconries, Kashenyi and Bwanga, and is presently moving on to Bwambara archdeaconry.