WORK DONE: Rukungiri RDC unites family of Late Kashaija quarreling over land


NEWS-Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen, the Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC), has advised parents to always prepare “WILL” as soon as feasible since doing so will enable them to leave stable families after death.

The development was made by RDC Nsubuga yesterday while resolving a land dispute involving the late Stanley Kashaija’s family in the Kakibaya cell of the Southern division of the Kebisoni Town Council’s Rukungiri district.

RDC Nsubuga claims that after receiving complaints from the family, he was informed that they wanted to divide their father’s land so that everyone could possess his or her own land.

Nsubuga revealed that after receiving the issue, he dispatched a surveyor to measure the disputed land, on which the late Kashaija’s nine children were each due to get 11.6 acres.

The land was then evenly divided amongst boys and girls, he said, but later one of the children, Norah Katushabe, came to his office and accused one of her brothers, Musinga Stanley, claiming his wife had prevented her from accessing the land even though they had all been allowed access to it.

Nsubuga claims that this compelled him to get in touch with the head of the LC3 Kebisoni Town Council and other interested parties in order to arrange for the meeting of the Late Kashaija’s family and residents of Kakibaya A and B villages in an effort to resolve the issue.

But on Tuesday, September 6, 2023, the RDC organized a meeting at the late Kashaija’s home where both parties voiced their worries.

Speaking at the hearing, Mrs. Norah Katushabe, the complainant, said that while she had been handed 11.6 acres of land, four of it was being utilized by Musinga, his brother, and he had prevented her from accessing it.

According to Mr. Musinga Stanley, who was by his side, the family shared the land, but the portion that Norah Katushabe claimed, had four acres that he had previously developed and included his home on.

In order for him to continue living on his developed land, Musinga begged her sister, Norah, to accept and give her four acres of land from his share, but Norah refused.

While this was going on, RDC Nsubuga, who had heard from both sides, encouraged Norah Katushabe to allow Musinga to use his developed land, where he had built a house worth millions of money and accepted four acres from his part, so that they may continue to live in peace as siblings.

RDC Nsubuga, local authorities, and residents persuaded Norah to agree so that there would be no needless conflict between her and the brother.

However, RDC Nsubuga recommended parents to always draft their “WILL” as early as possible to prevent disputes among children vying for the deceased parent’s or parent’s fortune after death.

In particular, he advised Ugandans to share their parents’ wealth when they pass away without leaving a “WILL” and to treat girls and boys equally.

Nsubuga urged the late Kashaija’s children to uphold the legacy of their late father and to always resolve family conflicts inside the family for the benefit of the whole.

Cue in……..RDC RUKUNGIRI………..

The late Kashaija’s children were urged by Alex Nathan Mugabe, the mayor of Kebisoni Town Council, to collaborate for progress and to stop letting strangers into their home with the goal of severing their ties as family.