Compassion International Rukungiri Cluster holds 9th Graduation Ceremony, Elder Emmanuel Kikoni urges graduands to go for further studies


Compassion International of Rukungiri Cluster yesterday held its 9th Graduation Ceremony at Kakinga Child Development Center in Kebisoni town council Rukungiri district.

The graduation Ceremony started with touring the project and exhibitions which was led by Rt. Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese and Elder Emmanuel Kikoni who was the chief guest.

A total of 289 graduated with Bachelors, Diplomas and certificates in the faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of the Built Environment, Institute of Ethics, School of Arts and Social Sciences among many others.

Elder Emmanuel Kikoni, who was the chief guest, addressed the audience and challenged the graduates to always keep ethics and integrity if they are to thrive.

Elder Kikoni went on to say that the information and abilities they have acquired from their education will help them have a bright future. He also suggested that they should continue their education since it will help them become more mentally sharp.

He exhorted them to continue investigating and work toward improving both their own lives and the communities in which they live.

Nonetheless, he expressed his congratulations to each and every graduate of Compassion International Assisted Children of Rukungiri Cluster, noting that this marks a noteworthy turning point in their lives.

Elder Emmanuel Kikoni went on to say that Compassion International has been virtually there for them along the way, offering not just funding for their schooling but also a feeling of hope for a better future.

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In order to reach additional villages where the greatest need has been recognized, the church has pledged to deepen its relationship and support the merger method, according to Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe of the North Kigezi Diocese.

Graduates were urged to excel in the job market as they had received excellent training and had an advantage over others who hadn’t benefitted from the program.

Bishop congratulated graduates on their steadfast academic path and encouraged them to continue on the belief that education levels the playing field regardless of background.

He warned them against succumbing to the powerful grips of unemployment, corruption, and greed exhorting them to rise above these negative traits by becoming men and women of integrity and honoring the Holy Spirit’s temples in light of the problem of sex impurity.

Bishop Onesimus continued by pleading with parents to continue teaching their children where compassion has ended.

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Christopher Semarura, the manager of Partnership for Compassion International, assisting eight partnership facilitators who collaborate closely with the church to help children who are released from poverty, encouraged graduates to stay with the Lord.

Semarura advised them to uphold the morals they had learned from the project in the program, to follow Jesus, and to use the knowledge and abilities they had gained to better their neighborhoods, families, and the nation as a whole.

He continued by saying that while what they had achieved was a significant step forward, they still faced difficulties because they had just entered the workforce and needed to make the most of their abilities.

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The graduates came from twelve centers within North Kigezi Diocese, according to Ven. Amos Katushabe, the archdeacon of Kakinga Archdeaconry, who urged the graduates to make use of their credentials and pursue further education.

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