Hon. Rukanirwa blesses function to award best learners at Rukungiri’s gov’t aided Buhunga P/S, urges parents to educate children  


RUKUNGIRI-Parents have been advised to educate and nurture their children well in order for them to have a better future.

The call was made yesterday by the Rujumbura County hopeful Member of Parliament Hon. Frank Rukanirwa Salongo while addressing parents and other invited guests at Buhunga Primary school in Buhunga Sub County Rukungiri district.

These were invited to bless the Buhunga Primary School’s 2023 PLE awards ceremony, which took place at school grounds.

Speaking during the function, Hon. Rukanirwa said that parents should look at their children in the best way possible in addition of educating them if they want the youngsters to be important people in future.

“Parents should know that they are responsible for the upbringing and educating of their children,” Hon. Frank said.

He added that education is one of the most valuable tools a parent can give to his child.

“Lay a good foundation for your children by ensuring that they get good education despite the economic challenges. I know we are all going through a lot because of the current economic situation but as parents we need to try our best and ensure our children get the best,” he said.


Although Buhunga Primary School is a government school, Hon. Rukanirwa complimented the administration, staff, and committees for their heartfelt dedication to serve Ugandans whereby their efforts have resulted in excellent academic outcomes that are on par with those of private schools.

He thanked NRM government under the leadership of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who provided Universal Primary and Secondary education that enables all Ugandan children to study.

Hon. Frank Rukanirwa however, contributed Ugx. 500,000 to support the function.

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Since the government provides education at nearly parish level, Mrs. Lydia Tushemerirwe, the Rukungiri district Inspector of Schools, emphasized that parents should enroll their children in schools that they can afford.

According to Tushemerirwe, this will enable the children to learn at their own speed rather than falling behind because they can’t afford school supplies.

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According to Mr. Arthur Byaruhanga Muchope, the head teacher of Buhunga Primary School, during the 2023 PLE exams, 19 candidates passed in division one and 44 passed in division two, placing the school in first position in Rujumbura constituency and second in Rukungiri district.

According to Byaruhanga, the reason the school is doing well is because of the positive working relationships that exist between the administration, parents, and students.

He continued by saying that Buhunga Primary school has been performing well in Rukungiri district on PLE exams for more than twelve years.


According to Byaruhanga, the school has a large learners’ body. Approximately 600 students have reported in the first week of the first term, asking the government to create more structures to accommodate the large number of pupils.


Kirabo Violah, Atumanya Sarah, and Amutuheire Martin some of the learners who passed in division one told our reporter that their success was a result of their hard work, cooperation, and reading.

Kirabo Violah said she would keep working hard to become a prominent woman in the nation, akin to Vice President Jessica Alupo and Prime Minister Robbinah Nabanja.

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Mattresses were provided to all learners who passed in grade one during 2023 PLE exams, while school materials, such as books and pencils, were given to learners in the second grade.