Jubilation as Rukungiri’s St. Raphael SS proves her capacity, shines in 2023 UCE results


Private Catholic-founded secondary school St. Raphael Nyakanyinya once again proved to be one of the country’s most dependable secondary schools after they excelled in the 2023 UCE exams just as has been the case in the previous couple of years.

The school excelled with 77 of their candidates scoring grade one, 60 in grade two whereas other 20 passed in division three.

Among the candidates who performed well include Nagaba Ian who got 10 aggregates, Abemirembe Trust with 14, Atwongyire Roni with 14, Aharimpisya Ritah 16, Ahebwe Bridget 16, Arimpa Martin 16, and Nasasira Faith 17.

Others include Tayebwa Christian who got 17 aggregates, Ariho Lauben 18, Niwagaba Adrian 18, Akanyijuka Tinawakilisha 18 and Tusiime Olivia 18 among other candidates.

Biology, Math, Chemistry, CRE, English and History were the best-performed subjects.

Shortly after the UCE results were made public, the head teacher of the school, Mr. Bekunda Johns, told our reporter that the school had achieved its greatest results since its founding.

Bekunda linked high performance to students’ discipline, God-fearing, and teamwork among the staff.

“We are incredibly proud of our students’ achievements,” said Bekunda. “Their exceptional performance is a testament to their resilience and determination, as well as the unwavering support of our dedicated teachers.”

Cue in…….HEAD TEACHER………..

St. Raphael Secondary School Nyakanyinya is located in Ruhinda Sub County few metres from Go-down trading center in Rujumbura County Rukungiri district.


Over the last 20 years since its establishment in 2004, St. Raphael Secondary School has cemented its position as a centre of academic excellence in Rukungiri district, Kigezi Sub Region, Western Uganda and the entire nation.

While striving to make secondary education accessible to the community and the nation, St Raphael Secondary School Nyakanyinya consistently works to provide a truly holistic well rounded equality education enabling the students to unleash their full potential and fit in the highly competitive education environment.

The school is also open to learners of other religious convictions since they provide a non-discriminatory approach.