Minister Jim Muhwezi donates 310 iron sheets to Rukungiri’s Bwambara SS


Yesterday, Saturday, December 16, 2023, 310 iron sheets were donated to Bwambara Senior Secondary School in Bwambara Sub County Rukungiri district by Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi, the Member of Parliament for Rujumbura County, who also serves as the Security Minister.

Minister Jim Muhwezi’s Political Assistant, Isaac Kaharuza, delivered 310 iron sheets to the school administration after the minister pledged them during a fundraising event in November to build a girls’ dormitory for the school.

During the handover ceremony, Minister Jim Muhwezi’s representative, Isaac Kaharuza, pledged to collaborate with the school administration throughout difficult times such that they could achieve the necessary results.

According to Kaharuza, the Minister is carrying out all of this work in response to the support given to him and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) before the election, and he has promised to deliver more in order to meet the government’s goal of bringing all Ugandans out of poverty.

In order to provide a supportive environment for the girls students at Bwambara SS to learn effectively, he also pleaded with the administration of the school to use the donation for the intended purposes.

Minister Jim Muhwezi was thanked by Mr. Chris Kagayano, the chairperson LC3 Bwambara Sub County, for his timely fulfillment of his promise and for providing services to Rujumbura County and the entire Rukungiri district.

In order to continue with the development, Kagayano stated that Bwambara Sub County is recommending Minister Jim Muhwezi to run for office again as their Member of Parliament in the general elections of 2026.


The head teacher of Bwambara Secondary School, Mrs. Tuhirirwe Justine, expressed her happiness for the 310 iron sheets donated by their member of parliament, describing it as a big relief for the school, which has been facing a lack of dormitories for girls.

In addition, Tuhirirwe expressed her appreciation to Hon. Midius Natukunda Kaharata, the woman member of parliament for Rukungiri, who gave 15 bags of cement to help build the dormitory for girls at Bwambara Secondary School.

Cue in………..HEAD BWAMBARA……….

The function was witnessed by area district and Sub County councilors, foundation body representatives, area residents among others.