Omurusheshe P/S awards best 2023 PLE learners, Parents urged to choose schools they can afford


Parents have been advised to choose schools, whose costs are affordable if to ensure that their children study without interruptions,

During awarding of school’s top 2023 PLE achievers, Mr. Benon Mugisha, the LC3 chairperson of Buhunga Sub County, made the appeal yesterday to the parents, teachers, and pupils of Omurusheshe Primary School in the Buhunga Sub County Rukungiri district.

During his address to the audience, Benon Mugisha who is also well known as aunt revealed that parents should choose schools that fit their budget rather than sending their children to more expensive, larger institutions where they may eventually drop out.

Mugisha added by advising parents to support their children as they join secondary level saying that education is the only package a parent can give his or her child.

Cue in………………LC3 CHAIRMAN……………

Musinguzi Emmanuel Kirakurate, the head teacher of Omurusheshe Primary School, explained at the event that it is part of their tradition to recognize the top PLE achievers since doing so encourages other pupils to put in the same kind of effort when their turn comes.

Musinguzi challenged candidates who would be entering secondary school to maintain their discipline since it will help them succeed in school and in life.

Cue in……………HEAD TEACHER…………

Amanya Beston, a candidate who received a six-point aggregate, shared his experience with other pupils, advising them to focus on reading extensively, conduct research, and speak with teachers in order to perform well academically at the end.

Tukamushaba Penelope, another candidate who passed in first grade, advised other pupils to always read herd and seek advice from their teachers as this will assist them in passing well.

Cue in…………STUDENTS…………..

Omurusheshe Primary school is a government-aided school under the Church of Uganda and is situated in the Buhunga Sub County of the Rukungiri district.

Of the candidates who sat for the 2023 PLE examinations, nine passed in division one and 51 in division two.

Mattresses were given to all candidates who passed in division one to help them transition to secondary level.