RUKUNGIRI: 37 KK Kindergarten top class pupils graduate at colorful ceremony, parents urged to invest in education of children


Both public and private schools have been urged to place a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities in order to teach youngsters who struggle in the classroom the necessary abilities.

During the graduation ceremony of 37 top class pupils at KK Kindergarten Primary School in Western Division Rukungiri municipality yesterday Monday, Hon. Musimenta Cledonia Bakironda, the minister for tourism and social services for Rukungiri district, made the appeal.

Speaking during the function, Hon. Musimenta noted that combining co-curricular activities with academics helps children develop different skills beyond knowledge of subjects and can help to improve teaching techniques at school.

According to her, each and every school activity contributes significantly to pupils’ growth and is a necessary component of school life that improves learning.

Musimenta continued by saying that if schools started encouraging their pupils to engage in these kinds of activities, it would support the entertainment and tourist industries and provide jobs for young people, helping to partially alleviate Uganda’s long-term unemployment issue.

She stated that it is preferable and the right course of action when a youngster who has been identified as having some knowledge is able to engage and practice such abilities.


She went on to advise parents and guardians to closely monitor their children and shield them from vices that may wreck their lives over the long holiday.

Musimenta also asked urged parents to invest in the education of their children since they are a great treasure in forming a community and are the future leaders.

As everything was going on, Hon. Musimenta Cledonia congratulated the best pupils of KK Kindergarten Primary School on advancing from the nursery to the primary level.


Since the third term draws to a close, head teacher Mrs. Komugisha Stella of KK Kindergarten Primary School is pleading with parents not to transfer their pupils between schools without a good cause, since doing so interferes with their academic progress.

However, she urged other parents to bring more children so that they may all receive high-quality education, saying that parents should continue sending their children to KK Kindergarten Primary School because they can teach them well and help them achieve good academic outcomes.

Cue in………….HEAD TEACHER…………..

With 315 pupils enrolled, KK Kindergarten Primary School is a privately owned institution.

This year, the Ministry of Education and Sports granted the school access to a registration center.