RUKUNGIRI: CAO Masokoyi urges students to work towards their goals


Early goal-setting was encouraged for students in order to assist them achieve their dreams.

Hajj Masokoyi Wasswa, the Chief Administrative Officer of Rukungiri, made this statement yesterday during the Rwabukoba Senior Secondary School’s senior one and senior five students’ welcoming ceremony, which was held on the school grounds in Ruhinda Sub County.

If they wish to be respected members of their families, Hajji Masokoyi advised students to organize themselves early on and learn which subjects and courses now offered will make their lives easier.

He advised them to begin investing in worthwhile endeavors and to adopt a mindset that will direct their attention toward worthwhile pursuits, such as farming and raising poultry, among other things that will support them.

Karyija Lawrence the chairperson PTA urged students to be disciplined and to stop wasting time on things that will not benefit them in the future but instead, they were urged to concentrate on their education, which will make life easier for them after they graduate.

He added that the school is still struggling with the issue of running out of water, and as chair, he vowed to work with parents to find a solution so that their children won’t face the same problem.

Sabiti Eric, the head teacher, urged students to focus on their academics and remember their motivation for attending the school if they want to thrive in life now that they have been formally welcomed.

He urged them to follow orders, let themselves be led, and always pay attention.