Rukungiri district leaders concerned about slow works on Nyakishenyi Seed Secondary School


The Rukungiri District leaders have expressed concern over the slow progress of construction work at Nyakishenyi Seed Secondary School in Rubabo constituency.  

Leaders had concerns last week as they monitored and oversaw the site’s building progress.

The team included area councilors, school administration, the Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen, Chairman LC5 represented by Mrs. Musimenta Cledonia Bakironda, District Engineer Mr. Julius Bagira, District Community Development Officer Mr. Agaba Nemesious, and Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Agaba Hilary.

The government has allocated 2.9 billion shillings to the school as part of the Uganda Inter-Governmental Fiscal Transfers (UGIFT) program. 

SAGMA Technical Services Limited was awarded the contract to build the school on December, 2022, with the goal of having it finished in 18 months. 

However, authorities led by RDC Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen highlighted that the construction was progressing slowly during a site meeting held at the school last week. 

To beat the deadline for completion, RDC Nsubuga recommended the contractor to speed up operations by hiring more staff.

“The main problem here is progress of work is still a bit slow. You need to increase the speed so that we can beat the timeline on May 2024. Otherwise, we shall have a situation where we have funds sent back because work is not complete, “RDC Nsubuga said.  

Nsubuga continued by urging the contractor to supply workers with protective gear to keep them safe from dangers on the job site, since the majority of them were discovered without any.

He encouraged the contractor to step up and make a difference, pointing out that there are numerous concerns about the building of seed schools around the country. 

Cue in……..RDC RUKUNGIRI……..

The Director of SAGMA Technical Services Limited, Mwesigwa Paddy, informed our reporter that the job was around 60% complete and promised that it will be completed within the allotted time.

Regarding employees’ lack of protective equipment, Mwesigwa stated that anyone discovered to be lacking any will likewise be shielded from damage.

Cue in……..CONTRACTOR………

Engineer for the Rukungiri district Bagyira Julius pledged to correct any minor issues with the contract in order to develop quality worker.


The Nyakishenyi Sub County LC5 Councilor, Mr. Brian Bantu, praised the Ugandan government for seeing them as NRM supporters and expressed the hope that the school being built in their area will lower the high prevalence of illiteracy.

Cue in……HON BRIAN BANTU………..

Meanwhile the scope of work at Nyakishenyi Seed Secondary School include one administration office block, six classroom block, ICT block, Science laboratory, Multipurpose Hall.

Others include three twin staff houses with kitchen and latrine, five stance latrine for girls and five stance latrine for boys,two stance latrine for teachers and a mega playground.