RUKUNGIRI: Excitement as St. Mark Secondary School Nyakibale set to sit UNEB examinations for the first time


As the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) examinations approaching, the deputy head teacher of St. Mark Secondary School Nyakibale, Mrs. Akanyihayo Fortunate Rukundo, exhorted Senior Four students to refrain from any type of indiscipline and to accept Jesus as their savior.

During the Senior Four briefing conducted in the school’s main hall in Kanyinya Ward, Southern division, in Rukungiri municipality today, Friday, October 13, 2023, Mrs. Akanyihayo revealed this.

Speaking to the students, Akanyihayo explained how engaging in indiscipline may damage a candidate’s future in a number of ways and urged them to prioritize their studies in order to achieve higher academic outcomes.

As new school that will have S.4 take the exam for the first time, Akanyihayo informed our reporter that they have done their best as teachers by making sure that every topic has been completed according to the curriculum in the hopes that their students would do well.


Nabimanya Alasious and Aronda Liam some of the senior four candidates told our reporter that their teachers had given them the necessary knowledge to take the upcoming UNEB exams and do well on them.


St. Mark Secondary School Nyakibale Director Raymond Rukundo indicated that the school began with a major objective from Senior One to Senior Four.

He said that the teachers had taught the students self-control and patience, demonstrating that they now understand who they are and are capable of much more in the academic realm.

Rukundo praised parents for helping raise their children and pay for their education, promising that as the new school, they will likewise provide positive outcomes.

He said that despite the COVID-19 lockdown, which had a significant negative impact on this class for more than two years, they had managed to continue to the very end.

At St. Mark Secondary School Nyakibale, 55 Senior Four students were registered to take the UNEB exams for the conclusion of the Ordinary Level.


According to Mr. Agaba Cleophas, the head teacher of St. Gerald’s SS Nyakibale, the S.4 briefing went on smoothly today and 114 students have enrolled to take the UNEB examinations.

Mr. Agaba said they believe students will perform well in the upcoming UNEB examinations because they are disciplined and given advice on what to do and not do during tests.