RUKUNGIRI: Joy as CHICO donates chain fence to Rweibare P/S


NEWS-In an effort to prevent pupils from falling into the recently constructed tarmac road, the China Henan Construction Company (CHICO) Ltd, which is building the Kanungu-Rukungiri road, has built a chain fence to Rweibare Primary School in Bugangari Parish Bugangari Su County in Rukungiri district.

The CHICO representatives officially presented the chain fence to the school’s stakeholders, including the PTA chairperson and the school head teacher.

During the handover ceremony that held at school premises, Nankunda Denise Emily the CHICO public relations representative, explained that the contribution is a component of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), asking the public to take ownership of it because it is meant to assist and safeguard youngsters from danger.

In order for it to endure longer, Nankunda said that she would like the school administration to take care of it and always undertake rehabilitation.

Cue in………CHICO PRO RR//ENGLI………….

On behalf of the head teacher, Mrs. Robinah Tusigwire Amanya the lay leader for Rweibare Church of Uganda said they were unable to afford to build the fence and they were grateful to CHICO Contractors for their ongoing assistance to the Rukungiri community as it lightened their load.

Mr. Obadia Rwampigyi the PTA chairperson expressed concern to our reporter about how they would prevent pupils from sliding down to the road after returning to school next term and thanked CHICO for its generosity in vowing to care for and safeguard the fence for the intended purposes.

It should be remembered that China Henan Construction Company (CHICO) Ltd also donated 100 iron sheets to Katete Primary School in Katete sub-county in Kanungu district to help in renovating the roof of a three-classroom block.

By then, Katete Primary School was the third School in Kanungu district to be supported with roofing material by the CHICO construction company.