Rukungiri RDC Bewayo inspects progress works at Rwamagaya P/S, commends contractor for quality work


As the construction of a three-classroom block at Rwamagaya Primary School draws closer, the people living in Ruhinda Sub County Rukungiri district have cause for celebration.

This was noted by Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen on Wednesday during the project’s progress assessment.

The project, which has a six-month duration and is valued at Ugx. 145 million is being carried out by Kinombe Nyaruzinga Construction Company Limited, with funding from the Ugandan government.  The project began in early November of last year.

The scope of work included leveling the school grounds, provision of fifty four twin desks and constructing three classrooms that are almost finished.

However, later on, parents and well-wishers of Ruhinda Sub County organized resources and awarded Kinombe Nyaruzinga Construction Company Limited another contract to build the four-classroom block.

During the inspection, RDC Bewayo spoke with our reporter and stated that the contractor was providing excellent work and that the job was worth the money. He also praised the progress that had been made.

Bewayo continued by advising other contractors working on government projects to consistently provide high-quality work on schedule since doing so will increase their chances of winning government contracts.

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Since the school is now outfitted with excellent buildings that make it easier for a youngster to learn properly, RDC Bewayo assigned the head teacher of the school the goal of producing strong academic achievements.

He pushed the administration of the school to organize more pupils such that they could use the resources provided by the government and further the school’s development.

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According to Nshabire Godfrey, director of KINOMBE Nyaruzinga Constructions Company Limited, the project is 95% complete at this point.

Nshabire stated that he is nearing the end of the project and that the majority of the important work has been finished.

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