Rukungiri RDC Bewayo refuses to commission Nyakishenyi’s school building over shoddy work


The Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner, Steven Bewayo Nsubuga, has refused to commission two classroom blocks at Bugarama Primary School in Nyakishenyi Sub County due to poor workmanship.

The Rukungiri district authorities gave Kyatoko Technical and Supplies Limited a contract of 70 million shillings to build the school blocks.

But it was discovered that the work was of inferior quality when RDC Nsubuga went to commission the classroom blocks, which were supposed to be finished and operational.

The RDC reported that cracks had appeared on the flooring of the recently built classroom blocks.

He decided to halt their commissioning as a result, giving the contractor till the start of the next term to finish reconstructing the floor.

Nsubunga also advised all contractors working on government projects to constantly guarantee quality.

The Rukungiri district council’s secretary for social services, Musimenta Cledonia Bakironda, disclosed that the district leaders will not stand for any inadequate work on government projects.

Director of Kyatoko Technical and Supplies Limited Kabangira Joseph acknowledged that his company’s work did not meet the necessary standards, but he pledged to rebuild the ground floor in accordance with the RDC’s instructions.