Rukungiri RDC passes out 70 student patriots at Makobore High School, urges them to brand their school


Students at Makobore High School in the Rukungiri district have been urged to join patriotism clubs and serve as role models in the fight against school indiscipline.

The Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen, made the appeal while commissioning more than 70 Senior One and Five students from Makobore High School into patriotic cadreship over the weekend.

RDC Nsubuga made the observation that a lack of patriotism encourages indiscipline among Ugandans while addressing the graduates at the school playground.

“People are not patriotic and only resort to practicing evil acts. We need to love our country and live in harmony,” RDC Bewayo said.

He pushed them to cultivate a culture of self-love and patriotism since doing so would make them better citizens.

The patriotic slogan, according to Bewayo, is “Love yourself, love your environment, and love your country,” which gives patriotic a responsibility to work toward creating a hospitable nation.

RDC Nsubuga urged students to have a clear vision of their future and work tirelessly to achieve their ambitions.


The head teacher of Makobore High School, Sabiti Epaphras, thanked the Ugandan government for creating such a beautiful initiative and vowed to always support it because it helps students to develop good discipline.

He urged the general public to make a distinction between Makobore High School from the past and the present, claiming that the latter is more disciplined and urging parents to send their students there to receive a better education.


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni introduced the government’s all-encompassing policy of patriotism in February 2009.

The program aims to instill patriotic standards and ideals in young people and secondary school students in order to provide them with an ideological framework.