RUKUNGIRI UNSA ELECTIONS: St. Charles Lwanga’s Byamukama Elipidias elected new chairperson


NEWS-Students’ leaders under their umbrella body of Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) in Rukungiri district have elected new leadership.

UNSA is an Umbrella organization for all students in post primary institutions in Uganda.

Its operations are supported by the Parliamentary Education Act 2008 which mandates the establishment of Students Councils in post primary institutions where each district in Uganda has a Secretariat for UNSA.

In a hotly contested election which took place at Hotel Riverside in Eastern Division Rukungiri municipality, Byamukama Elipidias a student from St. Charles Lwanga  Nyakibale was elected as the Association chairperson replacing Ian Muhumuza from Makobore high school.

Arinda Nduhukire was elected as speaker of UNSA Rukungiri chapter replacing Leticia Taremwa all from Immaculate Heart Girls School Nyakibale.

Annet Arinda from Kyabugashe High school was elected as the vice chairperson and Serena Kabahinda from Rukungiri Central SS was elected the General Secretary.

Relatedly, Ampiire Justine was elected as the one in charge of information and publicity among other elected leaders.

Speaking with our reporter after elections, Byamukama (new chairperson) said he is ready to carry out his roles as assigned to him.

He added by challenging students to keep disciplined and stay focused if to be successful in their studies.

Byamukama asked his fellow leaders to cooperate with him for a streamlined leadership during their term of office.


All schools should subscribe to it, according to Daiz Drake Owoyesigire, the guild president at Kabale University and national affairs secretary of UNSA, because it will give student leaders a chance to network with other leaders and develop their leadership abilities.

Owoyesigire said that some school heads had concealed their true enrollment in order to avoid paying the 2,000 shillings owed annually by each student, which had a negative impact on the UNSA’s operations owing to a lack of funding.

He added that the majority of top leaders in Uganda began their leadership journeys in schools, so student leaders in schools should work hard to one day occupy those top positions.

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The UNSA Rukungiri district Coordinator, Raymond Rukundo explained how leadership under UNSA is chosen.

Rukundo also explained that they do this to instill leadership skills to students way down from classroom to school level, to District level, to national level and beyond.

Rukundo encouraged the students’ leaders to maintain order and abide with the laws and regulations of their respective schools.

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