Rukungiri’s Makobore High School to shine again as renovation works commence


The construction and refurbishment of Makobore High School in the Western Division of Rukungiri Municipality officially began yesterday Tuesday, with the participation of officials from the Rukungiri district and clerics from the North Kigezi Diocese.

The UPDF engineering brigade, which will handle all construction work, officially received the project, which is expected to cost Ugx. 1.4 billion.

The construction of a staff block, a multipurpose hall, two five-stance VIP latrines, and a head teacher’s apartment are all included in the scope of work.

Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen speaking during the function expressed gratitude to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for changing the Ugandan army to contribute to the nation’s growth and income by carrying out such projects.

Nsubuga stated that the first phase of the Makobore construction project will cost Ugx. 500M out of Ugx. 1.4B, and he urged the UPDF brigade to expedite the work so that all funds may be utilized in time to accomplish the project’s intended aim.

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At the launch, Kyomukama Geofrey, the Rukungiri chairperson LC5, stated that the public should alter their bad perception of the school and instead support it and have faith in it with their children saying that this is the moment for Makobore to rise.

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Mayor of the Rukungiri municipality, Mr. Charles Makuru, expressed gratitude to the Ugandan government for providing the school with such substantial funding, which was requested by the Rukungiri members of Parliament, who were pushed by Minister Jim Muhwezi, as well as district and municipal authorities.

Makuru stated that education must be promoted and that it is the most crucial factor in the nation’s progress.

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The site engineer for the UPDF Engineering Brigade, Lieutenant Ronald Nkwasibwe, encouraged district authorities to visit the site on a regular basis for monitoring, assuring them of their dedication to producing high-quality work.

Mr. Sabiti Epaphras, the head teacher of Makobore High School, advised all parties involved to put in a lot of effort and maintain the parents’ faith by achieving high academic outcomes.

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