WORK DONE: “The progress of Nyakishenyi Seed Secondary School is promising” RDC Rukungiri speaks


In order to improve themselves, Ugandan youth have been asked by Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen to constantly accept government initiatives in their communities, give labor, and cultivate saving culture.

RDC Bewayo made the call during Monday’s site inspection and monitoring of Nyakishenyi Seed Secondary School in Nyakishenyi Sub County Rukungiri district which was attended by district leaders, including CAO, DEO, and DISO among others, as well as the leadership of Nyakishenyi Sub County.

Under the Uganda Inter-Governmental Fiscal Transfers (UGIFT) program, the government has given the school 2.9 billion shillings.

In December 2022, SAGMA Technical Services Limited was given the go-ahead to begin construction of the school, with an 18-month completion timeline.

Speaking with our reporter after site inspection, RDC Bewayo urged Ugandan youth to always welcome such projects in their areas as this helps them to earn some good money if they provide labor to them as this contributes to their income.

RDC Bewayo went on to say that young people should constantly come up with income-generating ventures to put their saved money into.

Nsubuga, in the meantime, stated that Nyakishenyi Seed Secondary School is making good progress, as the project is presently 70% complete, with the expectation that the work would be completed on schedule.

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Rukungiri district civil engineer Mr. Karuhanga Nicholous pleaded with the contractor to adhere to the terms of the contract so that he could produce high-quality work and prevent problems.

Mwesigwa Paddy, the director of SAGMA Technical Services Limited, told our reporter that the company is dedicated to producing high-quality work and that it would be finished in the allocated time.

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