JUST IN! Minister Jim Muhwezi breaks silence on Peace Rugambwa’s social media rumors about State House visit


The minister of security and Member of Parliament for Rujumbura County, Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi, responded to Peace Rugambwa’s social media statements, calling them false ones meant to polarize people of Rukungiri.

Minister Jim Muhwezi broke his silence about Peace Rugambwa’s social media rumors last week while meeting Bwambara Sub County residents at Bwambara playground in Rukungiri district during the fundraising to resurrect Kubumbu Sacco.

In his speech to the populace, Hon. Jim noted that in March of this year, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was greeted at State House Entebbe by leaders from the Rukungiri district and a portion of Peace Rugwambwa’s group, under Boona Bagigahare.

President Museveni was informed that Peace Rugambwa had collected Ugx. 12,000 from the people of Rukungiri district five years prior, promising to deliver mattresses, other household supplies, and onion seeds but however, Peace Rugambwa never delivered these items.

The President requested Peace Rugambwa to report to the members whether or not he had ever asked her to ask Ugandans for money where Peace acknowledged that she had never been asked to do so.

After the two sides met, the president made the decision to reimburse the owners Ugx. 12,000 and stated that Peace should collaborate closely with the Rukungiri district authorities in the event that she had a development program.

Onion farming in Rukungiri has not generated any results, according to reports, thus President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni stated he will send a team to look into the matter.

Minister Jim Muhwezi, however, denounced Peace Rugambwa’s remarks on social media that are defaming Rukungiri district leaders and urged the people to accept President Museveni’s judgment on the subject instead of paying attention to what Peace is saying.


Meanwhile Peace Rugambwa has been claiming on social media and on the radio that Minister Jim Muhwezi and the Rukungiri district leadership are impeding the development of Rukungiri by fighting her attempts to obtain supplies for the residents from the state house.

Peace Rugambwa the Coordinator of Boona Bagigahare project is known for soliciting money from residents of Rukungiri and other districts, where she purported to provide things but never delivered them.