LIRA: Geoffrey Etwop to contest as area NRM chairman as he registers in Yellow Book

Geoffrey Etwop, a business tycoon from Lira City

Geoffrey Etwop, a business tycoon from Lira City, has announced his plan to run for Chairman NRM of the area.

Geoffrey Etwop who entered the contest is a skilled politician, businessman, and long-serving treasurer of the NRM Party and through his company; he has improved the lives of several Lira City residents.

 His political goals are to effectively represent the interests of the average person, uphold and defend the NRM party’s interests and values, strengthen party member mobilization at the grassroots level, popularize the NRM manifesto, the government’s plan to reduce poverty, create wealth, and amplify the Chairman’s Initiative for an Inclusive, Responsive, and Transparent Government.

He also hopes to advocate for increased development and a better Northern Uganda.

Etwop, who registered as a member of the NRM party and quickly expressed interest in the role, said he is prepared to compete against other candidates for the same post.

He claims that many people find Etwop’s calm, non-confrontational approach to politics appealing and that he is the most qualified candidate for the job.

Not only does he want to change how people view NRM in a hostile setting, but he also wants to dispel the myth that NRM is a party for outcasts and egotistical.

Etwop has promised to reinforce and advance the NRM Core Values and to mobilize the people’s voice, as well as those of NRM Party members and the broader community.

The competition for internal party elections to fill senior posts in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party is intensifying daily.

The NRM Party is preparing for elections, in which members will choose new leaders at all levels of the organization, including vice chairs for the regions of Northern, Eastern, Central, and Western Uganda.