MIRACLES AND WONDERS! North Kigezi Diocesan Bishop Onesimus heals three pupils from blindness


Last Saturday, July 29, 2023, North Kigezi diocesan Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe performed a very effective ministry in Burama in Bwambara Archdeaconry, where many Christians called on the name of Jesus for Salvation.

According to reports, three boys in primary five, primary six, and primary seven were sent home by their school head teachers because they had lost their capacity to read anything in a book or on a chalkboard.

According to our information, medical personnel were also unable to detect any flaws in the boys’ visual system.

When the mother of one of the boys mentioned it in her testimony, Bishop Onesimus summoned the son and prayed for him, and the Lord miraculously returned his sight.

Two more arrived immediately after the miracle, and their sight was restored as well.

“I could see darkness whenever I opened a book, and I couldn’t read anything on the chalkboard.” “I was sent home from school,” one of the youngsters explained.

After Bishop Onesimus prayed for them, they were each given a bible and were able to read the text they were required to read, and happily, they all came to church with their parents by that time.

Speaking with our reporter over the phone to assess the current position of these boys, Rev. Can. Bazahuza, archdeacon for Bwambara, commended the Lord, adding that the pupils had been returned to their respective schools for studies.