“Not Minister Jim Muhwezi’s order” DPC Rukungiri speaks out


Rukungiri district police have responded to claims on social media that they disrupted a Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) consultative meeting in Buhunga Sub County on Minister Jim Muhwezi’s orders.

The meeting was led by Hon. Fred Turyamuhweza, a former legislator for Rujumbura, County and was intended to engage with leaders of the party structures at the Sub County level.

However, police officers from Rukungiri CPS and Buhunga Police Post spent the day patrolling Kashojwa and Karisizo Trading Centres, clashing with FDC leaders and supporters in an attempt to prevent the meeting.

 After the conflict between police and FDC leaders, one of Rukungiri’s based Radio Station published a story implicating the Minister of Security Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi who is also the Rujumbura County legislator being behind the Police’s actions of distracting FDC’s consultative meetings in the area.

Our reporter contacted the Rukungiri district Police Commander (DPC) SSP. Musa Tibakirana about the matter who refuted the allegations confirming that their actions followed FDC’s refusal to adhere to Police’s guidance on how to hold their consultative meetings.

The DPC clarified that FDC officials didn’t seek permission from the Inspector General of Police (IGP) which prompted them to take action.

SSP. Tibakirana advised the FDC leadership to seek approval for their consultative meetings or else the police will not hesitate to arrest whoever breaks the law.