ROAD TO 2026 ELECTIONS: Over 40 reasons why Counsel Isaac Atukunda will win Rukungiri Municipality Parliamentary seat

Counsel Isaac Atukunda addressing Christians at Emmanuel Cathedral Kinyasano

PRIME REPORT-The general elections of 2026 are rapidly approaching, and several people have begun expressing interest in running for various positions at various levels.

There is a possibility of intense competition for the parliamentary seat in Rukungiri municipality, as several candidates have expressed interest in running for the same post.

These include FDC’s Mrs. Kamateneti Ingrid Turinawe and Mugume Rowland Kaginda, incumbent MP Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa, and NRM’s young contender Counsel Isaac Atukunda.

However, since he expressed interest in running for the post, the enthusiastic and youthful MP candidate for Rukungiri municipality, Counsel Isaac, scared off other contenders, especially the incumbent, Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa, because of his record of service to the municipality’s residents, even though he is not yet an MP.

Talk about Counsel Isaac Atukunda is all the rage in Rukungiri Municipality; some people say they’ve never met someone who truly cares about the community before being elected.

The majority of boda boda, stores, and kiosks in public spaces are now decorated with stickers of Counsel Isaac, and social media is dominated by talk of this youthful, dynamic, and God-fearing leader.

Several young people from the Rukungiri municipality told our reporter that Counsel Isaac fits into the youth category and that he is the only candidate who can address their problems in the Ugandan 12th Parliament.

Hailing from Kyatooko Ward in Eastern Division Rukungiri municipality, Counsel Isaac Atukunda has demonstrated his commitment to the advancement of human development even before being elected as a Member of Parliament.

Without a doubt, Counsel Isaac Atukunda might win the Rukungiri Municipality Parliamentary seat for the reasons listed below.

He constructed water springs and wells, helped Saccos, and sponsored churches and schools, among other places where people have been grateful for his kindness.

By sponsoring schoolchildren from low-income families in Rukungiri municipality through his Atukunda Education Trust Fund, Counsel Isaac has contributed to the most significant sector in the nation’s education.

As the Secretary of the Uganda Law Society and the Deputy Chancellor of North Kigezi Diocese, he maintains a stellar reputation that is valued by all driven individuals.

Since making laws is the main duty of an MP, Counsel Isaac has an advantage because he is a lawyer.

Since Isaac Atukunda attended Kyatoko Primary School and Makobore High School in Rukungiri Municipality, he is considered a true native with knowledge of the welfare of people.

He is well-liked by many in Municipality; for instance, he was born in Kyatoko, but his mother is from Rukondo.

He also has relatives in all three Municipality divisions, as he is the in-law of the well-known Stanley Sebutozi and Rwagondo family from Rwakabengo.

Because of his message of unity and political tolerance, Counsel Isaac is a very popular candidate in Rukungiri Municipality, drawing support from people of all political and religious persuasions.

As a result of his unwavering loyalty to the NRM, which he joined while attending university in 2005, he is a well-liked candidate among ardent NRM supporters.

Because of his position in the Uganda Law Society, Counsel Isaac has a greater national appeal, which makes him a very well-liked candidate.

Given that Uganda is going through a transformation, as seen by the President’s recent appointment of Youthful Ministers, the NRM government is probably going to support Counsel Isaac, the youthful and dynamic contender.

Last year in August, the Electoral Commission released the roadmap leading to the 2026 General Elections, with focus on early preparations and adequate funding for all activities.

Nomination of candidates for the 2026 Presidential campaigns is set to take place between 2nd October and 3rd October 2025.

Demarcation of the electoral areas will be done by July this year, and general update of the National Voters’ Register by January 2025.

Elections are set for January 12 to February 9, 2026.