RUKUNGIRI! Drama as “Team Counsel Isaac” and “Team Ruta” meet at function, support construction of staff accomodations at Nyabihinga P/S


Parents and well-wishers gathered on school grounds yesterday at Nyabihinga Primary School in Eastern Division of Rukungiri municipality to raise funds for the construction of staff accommodations.

The organizing committee reports that the fundraising event was successful and among the attendees were Counsel Isaac Atukunda, who eyes for Rukungiri municipality parliamentary seat; current MP Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa; and former MP Hon. Mugume Rowland Kaginda among others.

The event, however, took a dramatic turn when “Team Counsel Isaac” and “Team Ruta,” which belong to current MP Dr. Rutahigwa, started bidding for donated items in order to raise money for the construction of teacher houses.

As the two sides started arguing, people reacted, especially with regard to who was being more giving with their financial support.

Goat sales at the event were capped at Ugx. 1 million per goat during the auction, but Counsel Isaac Atukunda purchased one at 1.5 million.

The former MP for Rukungiri municipality, Hon. Mugume Rowland Kaginda during the auction, started to get nervous and said that he wasn’t financially solid.

He also said that Isaac Atukunda and the current MP should be the ones to purchase such pricey items, something that made electorates and people attending the function laugh.

Aside from all of them, the function was effective even if divisionism ultimately led to the raising of Ugx. 10M and more than 200 bags of cement.

The amount allotted to building teacher housing was Ugx. 100 million.

Speaking at the event, Counsel Isaac Atukunda of “Atukunda Education Trust,” a charity organisation that helps children from vulnerable families, advised parents to always encourage their children’s schools in their endeavours as they wait for government intervention.

According to Counsel Isaac Atukunda, leaders should always leave a legacy of advancements made during their tenure in order to be recognized when they depart from office.

He advised parents to pray for their children constantly since doing so helps them receive God’s blessings, which will help them succeed in life.

He continued by advising students to read widely in order for them to succeed and play significant roles in the next generation. During the event, Counsel Isaac came close to contributing more than Ugx. 4.5M.

Cue in………..COUNSEL ISAAC………..

During the same day, the head teacher of the school and her teachers were urged by Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa, the current Member of Parliament for Rukungiri municipality, to fulfil their responsibilities in a way that would enable Ugandan children to succeed in future.

To help with the construction of teachers’ houses, Hon. Dr. Rutahigwa donated 50 bags of cement and Minister Jim Muhwezi offered an additional 100 bags of cement.

Cue in….DR. RUTAHIGWA…………..

Rev. Fr. Conrade Parish Priest Nyakibale Parish explained that parents should be the ones to offer education for their children before the government, and he urged pupils to take advantage of this so they can receive services that will improve their life.

Cue in…………FR CONRADE………….

Kyogabirwe Peace headteacher Nyabihinga Primary School says lack of staff accommodation has been one of the factors that for long affected academic performance of the school. Kyogabirwe said that they came up with the initiative after realising that most of the teachers travel long distances to the school and as result, they arrive late and leave early.