AMOLATAR: RDC Rwotlonyo requests compensation for villages impacted by installation of water pipe systems


The construction of Namasale town council’s water pipe system, according to Okello Francis Odoki Rwotlonyo, the resident district commissioner for Amolatar, shouldn’t have a detrimental impact on the community.

On Wednesday, November 15, 2023, at Namasale Town Council, the resident district commissioner gave a speech in relation to the site inspection of the planned water pipe system construction.

According to Okello, construction shouldn’t start before the community whose homes will be demolished has been compensated. He also mentioned that some residents of the area had lived there since before the water pipe system’s design was developed.

He went on to say that the town council leadership should apply for a license from the ministry of water and identify those who are impacted so that they may be compensated and search for alternative locations where they can develop new structures.

“We cannot just start the construction of the water pipe system before compensating for people whose houses and businesses will be demolished I think those whose only land are affected can be left since after digging the hole it will be covered and they continue cultivation but those whose house will demolished will have some heart break if not compensated” Rwotlonyo said.

He continued by adding that the Ugandan government should be commended for its dedication to provide services to its citizens, noting that every sector has been impacted and that no one is left behind.

He urged the community to provide the precise amount needed for construction rather than inflating compensation, and he said that they should also not oppose any government initiatives.

Goddy Otoo, the chairperson LCIII, stated that they will continue to meet with the ministry of water to find a means of compensating the local residents who have been impacted.

Under the Ministry of Water, the World Bank will provide money for the development of the water pipe system, which would cost Uganda shillings 12 billion.