Amolatar woman Mp offers 135m to village groups, asks community to desist from Short term savings


The woman Member of Parliament for Amolatar district Hon. Dr. Agnes Atim Apea has appealed to the community to desist from saving money in their different SACCO and dividing it at the end of every year.

Dr. Atim was speaking on Friday 11th/Aug/2023 as the chief guest to thousands of people who were attending a training organized by the Uganda Microfinance support center at Abarikoro parish Agik-dak Sub-County in Amolatar district.

She said the culture and the policy that most of the community in Lango have of dividing money at the end of the year is an old one that does not bring development since most people when they receive the savings they end up utilizing in the short time.

Apea proposed that if the community can get the money they have saved in their different SACCO groups on loan so that it can support them in operating business which will increase their household income.

She also donated over 135m shillings to help the village SACCO as a startup capital after attending the training. She adds that the money will be enough for all the groups and asked them not to mismanage the money but put it into productive projects.

“It is good that the microfinance support center has given you boxes but you cannot go back with them empty. That’s why I am giving you 135 million as a startup capital where you can borrow and do business. Please if you can start borrowing this money and operate a business it will help you to boost your household income” Atim said

While closing the training the Uganda microfinance support center manager lira branch also offered 480 safe boxes for keeping the money.

Nebbu Nabada, the general manager of micro-finance support center Lira branch, said they are dedicated to providing financial knowledge like financial management skills to the citizens.

“As the micro finance support center we are offering all what it takes to help our community understand how to use and manage the money and business. You should keep these boxes and the books appropriately so that it can help you transform your families” Nabada stated.