DOKOLO BY-ELECTION: UPC endorses their candidate, warns NRM against vote rigging


Ahead of the March 21, 2024 election in the Dokolo district, representatives of the UPC party in the Lango Sub-region cautioned the NRM leaders against manipulating the results.

During the district meeting at the Dokolo Catholic Parish Ground in the Dokolo district, the leaders expressed their worries.

The leader of the LC V in the Lango Sub-region and the chair of the Alebtong district, David Kennedy Odongo, declared that the UPC will win Dokolo through election in spite of the NRM party’s threats, intimidation, and insults.

Odongo urged the residents of Dokolo to support Sarah Aguti Nyankori in the election in order to bring about greater transformation and human development.

But he advises people to cast their ballots in order to guard against the NRM leaders manipulating and stealing them.

Tanga Odoi of the NRM party was forewarned by Geoffrey Ocen Kirring, the LCV chairperson for the Amolatar district, not to take the chance of vote-rigging and cheating in Dokolo, as this was the case in the Oyam By election, as they would put an end to such practices in different ways.

Ocen urged residents of the Dokolo district to support the UPC party as much as possible because it has a development-focused agenda.

According to UPC party registrant Williams Onyanga Apollo, the party was founded to help people escape unemployment, poverty, inadequate road systems, and subpar health care.

He went on to say that Jimmy James Michael Akena Obete will run for president in 2026 and he asked people to support him.

The official candidate of the UPC party for the Dokolo woman parliamentary seat by-election is Shara Aguti Nyankori, who was defeated in the 2021 Dokolo WMP parliamentary election. Jimmy James Michael Akena Obote is the party’s leader.

Following her reconciliation with two aspirants, Mr. William Onyanga, the UPC party registrar, proclaimed her.

Anna Okwir, the former district councilor for Dokolo, and Josephine Acen Okullu, the district education officer for Almamater.

 Following their reunion, the two resigned in favor of Hon. Shara Aguti Nyakoroi, who had run in the Dokolo elections before.

After proclaiming herself to be the flag bearer, Sarah Aguti Nyankori received the UPC party flag and an instrument of power.

With the passing of Iron Lady Atat Cecilia Atim Ogwal, the MP seat for Dokolo women became empty.

Elven women are fighting for the role that encompasses.

Dr. Rose Mary Alwoc Ogwal FDC, Dr. Lalam Grace, Dr. Amongi Ajwika Indep, and Sarah Aguti Nyankori of UPC Among them are Betrace Molly Kia Abang Indep and Hanna Atine Indep.