EID AL ADHA: Hon. Jim Muhwezi donates cows to Rujumbura Muslims


In honor of Eid-Al-Adha, the Member of Parliament for Rujumbura County, Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi, who also serves as the security minister, donated cows to Muslim communities in Buhunga, Nyakagyeme, and Bugangari Sub Counties, respectively.

Eid-Al-Adha, a feast of sacrifice honoring Prophet Ibrahim’s readiness to follow God’s instruction to sacrifice his only son Ismail and the latter’s permission to be slaughtered, was observed by Muslims worldwide today Sunday.

At Karisizo Mosque in Buhunga Sub County Rukungiri district, Isaac Kaharuza, speaking on behalf of Minister Jim Muhwezi, said that he was recognizing them for their amazing support during the general elections of 2021.

According to Kaharuza, Minister Jim Muhwezi is devoted to serving all of his constituents, regardless of their religious beliefs, urging Muslim community to push him and be rewarded in 2026 so that he may keep providing them with additional services.

Cue in……….ISAAC KAHARUZA……….

Mr. Silage Kabwende and Katoto Nazil the chairpersons for Karisizo and Kasoroza Mosques respectively pointed out that they have many leaders but they do not think about them on such days adding that Minister Jim Muhwezi has challenged them greatly.

Katoto appealed to all Muslims to forgive those that have done them wrong as well as seeking forgiveness from those they have wronged.

Silage Kabwende narrated that for the first time; he is going to support Minister Jim Muhwezi come 2026 general elections due to his contributions he has so far rendered to Rujumbura constituency.

Cue in……….SILAGI KABWENDE……………

Muhamudu Babyesiza, Madina Musinguzi and Kobusingye Nuliat some of beneficiaries hailed Minister Jim Muhwezi  who gave them cows to slaughter on Eid-Al-Adha praying that Allah rewards him abundantly pledging to also support her come 2026 general elections.

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