Hon. Jim Muhwezi roofs Rugarama community church, donates cement to Kitunguru Church School


Parents and guardians of children enrolled in church-run and government-aided schools have urged to actively support their education and provide a positive learning environment during school hours.

The call was made on Sunday during the fundraising for the construction of four classrooms at Kitunguru Church School in Nyakariro, Bugangari Sub County Rukungiri district.

Mr. Dan Ahimbisibwe Bahamire represented the Security Minister Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi, the Member of Parliament for Rujumbura County who was the chief guest.

During the ceremony, Mr. Ahimbisibwe expressed his congratulations to the parents and suggested that instead of waiting for the government to intervene; parents should take back control of their child’s education and actively monitor the way their school is run in addition of providing financial support to the school so that it can undergo restructuring.

He criticized parents who send their children to schools for not making the necessary time or financial commitments to support their education and help them grow.

He urged residents to choose candidates who can bring services closer to people like General Jim Muhwezi rather than those who are only interested in politics for themselves.

During the function, Kitunguru Church School, 100 bags of cement were donated by Minister Jim Muhwezi to help build four classrooms.


As the only primary school in the area, Kitunguru Church School’s PTA chairperson requested government funding for their institution.

He assured President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and Hon. Jim Muhwezi of their support as residents as they had gone above and beyond to obtain better services.


Mr. Christmas, the head of the organizing committee, explained that the goal of the fundraising was to gather Ugx. 52,280,000 in order to build four classrooms.

In the meantime, 80 iron sheets were donated by Minister Jim Muhwezi to the roof of Rugarama community church in Kakindo Parish, Bugangari Sub County.

Dan Ahimbisibwe revealed that Minister Jim Muhwezi is a man of distinction who enjoys giving and supporting causes as he was handing over the iron sheets on his behalf.

Mbabazi Yosam, Pastor of Rugarama Community Church, expressed gratitude to Minister Jim Muhwezi for being a leader who considers his constituents and works to improve services while pledging their support as Christians in 2026.

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Some Christians including Twebaze John and Ntegyerize Henry among others expressed their thanks to their legislator Jim Muhwezi for saving them from the roofless church.

They had been praying there in an unroofed church for more than a year, but now their issue has been resolved.

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