KISORO: RDC Ssekandi hands over projects to residents valued Ugx. 286M


Hajji Shafique Ssekandi, the Kisoro Resident District Commissioner, on Friday presented beneficiaries in the Kisoro district with finished government projects totaling more than 286 million shillings.

These projects include the Busanza secondary school irrigation Demo scheme in Busanza sub county worth 25 million shillings, the renovation of the Gatare gravity water flow scheme in Nyarubuye sub county worth over 57 million shillings, and the Muyove gravity water flow scheme in Nkuringo town council worth over 204.5 million shillings.

The district’s chief administrative officer, Hajji Badru Mayanja, the LCV chairman, who was represented by Agaba James, the district engineer, the district water officer, and local council members were there with the RDC.

At Mwumba Primary School in Mugombwa Village, Nkuringo Town Council, RDC Ssekandi spoke to beneficiaries of the Muyove gravity water scheme and stated that the president is carrying out his 2021–26 program of bringing services close to the people.


The 40,000-liter capacity reservoir tank for the Gatare gravity water project is claimed to be located in Kirwa village, according to Cranmer Mbebwa, the Kisoro district water engineer.

It contains 11 tap stands spread throughout seven villages, including Kibande, Kinyababa, Gatete, and Gapfurizo.

He stated that it is situated at Mwumba Primary School and has a capacity of 30,000 liters in Mugobwa Village adding that there are 32 open tap stands there.

He urged Mugobwa village residents to safeguard the plan and to start setting aside money for its upkeep.


Hajji Badru Mayanja, the chief administrative officer of the Kisoro district, invited locals to express their gratitude to the government for bringing tap water to mountainous and difficult-to-reach places, which will cut down on the time lost by women and children gathering water.


Bahinyuza Festus, an LCV councilor on the Nkuringo town council, claims that one of the reasons he entered politics was to advocate for his constituents to gain from government initiatives.

He continues by saying that since he joined the district council’s works and technical committee, he has accomplished numerous things, including the provision of clean water.

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Water users praised the Ugandan government for addressing their long-overdue problem of having to travel great distances in search of water that was also unfit for consumption.