LIRA: Minister Betty Amongi meets lc1 leaders, donates Ugx. 20M to their Sacco


Over the weekend, Lira City’s LC SACCOs were given Ugx. 20 million by Minister Betty Amongi.

The Ugx. 20 million that Hon. Betty Amongi Akena the Minister of Gender, Labor, and Social Development had promised to help the Local Council One SACCOs in Lira City West and East, respectively.

Ten (10) million of the twenty million shillings were handed to the LC1 SACCOs in the Lira City West Division, while an additional ten million shillings were given to the Lira City East Division in a function that happened in Lira City’s Little Flowers Nursery and Primary School.

During her speech, Honorable Minister Betty Amongi encouraged the LC1s in Lira City to apply for low-interest loans from the Uganda Microfinance sustain Centre Limited in order to help sustain their enterprises.

Mr. George Otwal, speaking on behalf of all the chairpersons of the LC1s association under the Lira City West Division umbrella, commended Minister Amongi Akena for showing kindness and support to all groups of people without distinction, including LCs, women, girls, and PWDs who have long been disregarded in the City of Lira when it comes to development-related matters.

Okello, an LC One Chairman from City West Division told our reporter that Amongi need to be known as the Minister of Development and Action.

He vowed that anyone making jokes about Akena and Amongi would be considered an enemy of the Lango tribe.

Moses Okullu Opio, the head of the Lira City East Division LC1s Association, stated that the organization will use the funds to assist other LC development initiatives.

This website was informed by a fifty-year-old chairperson of the Anai ward that Amongi is now universally recognized as the Savior of Lira City in 2026 and beyond.

One of the LC members who wished to remain anonymous advised people who were bothering Amongi not to run for Lira City, as she already holds an 80 percent sealed vote and is only waiting to be the next female Lira City MP in the 12th parliament.