Man with mental illness in Amolatar receives PDM cash, leaders decry over illegalities


Despite disbursing over 8 billion shilling to different PDM Sacco groups in Amolatar, leaders decry of illegalities in the process where a mad man who walks on street receives the cash.

This was revealed on Thursday 2nd/November/2023 during an economic monitoring meeting held at Amolatar district education hall by Geoffrey Ocen Kiring, the Amolatar district LCV.

Ocen said there have been a lot of irregularities in the process where a mad man in Aputi Sub County was cleared by the sub county community development officer to benefit from the cash and the money was given out.

He added that after realizing the scandal, they forced themselves into PDM and the CDO was arrested and interdicted despite them not being included in the PDM guideline.

He added that most of the beneficiaries were given less than a million as directed by the government and the only challenge was that whenever they tell the community not to receive less than that, the community would say they better get less than never which makes it hard to follow up.

Francis Okello Rwotlonyo the resident district commissioner for Amolatar said despite irregularities, they have tried their best compared to other districts in the region. 

Okello added that at the beginning, there was a lot of scandal but a large part of it was rectified and the amount remaining in the pool is less and they are winding up with the verification and shall be given all.

“Much as people are crying but we tried there are problems in other districts when compared to ours we must appreciate the government more has been given out and we expect more to come. I always compare our district with others in the region” Rwotlonyo said.

James Olobo Dubai the area Member of Parliament for Kioga north said there are people who are misleading the community that this money is for the government and people should just get and not pay back.

He adds that the same happened with Emyooga and the youth livelihood program and UWEP where many people took and didn’t pay back the loan.